We focus our efforts within education and healthcare

Our work

We focus our efforts within education and healthcare.

In accordance with Choice Foundation’s focus on ensuring the universal right to health and education for children and families of production workers in poor provinces of Vietnam, we have over the past five years funded specific projects described briefly below.

Ensuring access to education can pave the way for a better future for coming generations, but also keep children off the streets and prevent hazardous child labour. Vietnam’s stunning economic growth has not yet led to major improvements in rural areas, where many people still live in poverty. Poverty is one of the biggest threats to a child’s wellbeing and is at the root of most of the trafficking cases experienced by our local partner in Vietnam, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Hence, providing children the opportunity to go to school or kindergarten builds a protective environment for children at risk of trafficking, and further provides both parents the opportunity to work and earn money for the family.

We also focus on ensuring that clean drinking water and toilets in schools can prevent diseases and improve the children’s learning ability. In a Vietnamese context, we have witnessed that providing access to clean water and toilet facilities at schools have a tremendous impact on the children’s well-being. When children proudly explain to us that they educate their family members about the importance of washing hands with soap learned in school, we know our work matters!