Official launch of the photo book ‘Women Empower Business’

December 20, 2016

HRH Crown Princess Mary greeted co-founder Helle Stokkebye Johansen as Choice Foundation participated at the official reception when the photo book ‘Women Empower Business’ was launched.

Co-founder and Chairman Helle Stokkebye Johansen and HRH Crown Princess Mary. (Photo: Susanne Siig Petersen, Choice Foundation)


Many of the stakeholders and key persons involved in the project showed up at the official reception in ‘Industriens Hus’ in Copenhagen as Confederation of Danish Industry – DI published the photo book ‘Women Empower Business’ based on the photo exhibition by the same name.

The official reception at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen hosted by The Confederation of Danish Industries. (Photo: Susanne Siig Petersen, Choice Foundation)

Among the key speakers were Director General and CEO in DI, Karsten Dybvad and the Danish minister of Development Coorperation, Ulla Tørnæs.

Danish minister of Development Coorporation, Ulla Tørnæs and HRH Crown Princess Mary. (Photo: Susanne Siig Petersen, Choice Foundation)

With photographer Stine Heilmann’s beautiful and touching pictures the book takes you on a unique journey to eight destinations in six developing countries in Africa and Asia, where Danish companies as Butler’s Choice improve the lives of girls and women. These include insight from Choice Foundations school projects in Vietnam.

Besides being a beautiful and aesthetically coffee table book, it also provides a rare insight into how Danish companies take responsibility in developing countries.


Co-founder of Choice Foundation Helle Stokkebye Johansen, Photographer Stine Heilmann and HRH Crown Princess Mary at the reception. (Photo: Susanne Siig Petersen, Choice Foundation)

HRH Crown Princess Mary has throughout the whole year demonstrated a sincere interest in the project. In May she also greeted Choice Foundation as she opened the photo exhibition.