The good partnership with Julie Sandlau continues

August 13, 2016

It has been an amazing year for Choice Foundation and we continue the good partnership with the Danish jewelry designer Julie Sandlau who has during the last four years supported our projects in Vietnam – both financially and with her great personal commitment.

Many families cannot afford to pay for their children’s education and therefore send the children to the cities to earn money instead. Many children end up in the streets as shoeshine boys, beggars or sadly even captured by criminal gangs in trafficking environment where they are kept far away from their families and homes. The children end up surviving from day to day with all the dangers of a life on the street brings.

Along with Julie Sandlau, we believe that all children have the right to have a safe and protected childhood, where they are respected and loved. We believe that we can help to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring the education of disadvantaged children.

Our other good collaborate partner, Blue Dragon Children Foundation, which administers the program on a daily basis, has been working with the education of these disadvantaged children for 15 years.

The training program is located in the local area near the Julie Sandlau factory and is part of the preventive program, which aims to keep children safe with their families and away from the harsh living conditions on the streets. This gives children the opportunity to get out of poverty using education.

Helle Stokkebye Johansen, Chairman of Choice Foundation:
“It’s a really exciting collaboration we have with Julie Sandlau. The project not only provides a helping hand to vulnerable children in Vietnam. It also sends a signal about how companies can take social responsibility and support development in developing countries. It gives value to the local community as well as for the company itself.”