Choice Foundation on the frontpage of business magazine

May 2, 2016

We are so proud to be on the front page of DI’s (Confederation of Danish Industry) Business magazine ‘DI Business’.

The top story is about Vietnamese Do Thi Ngoc Tram who has now got access to clean drinking water in her school in Ca Mau. It’s a Choice Foundation, Butler’s Choice and NorgesGruppen project which benefits 1,400 schoolchildren. You can see this photo and all the other fantastic photos by Stine Heilmann at the DI photo exhibition ‘Women Empower Business’ at Women Deliver 2016 taking place in Bella Center and Industriens Hus in Copenhagen.
The front page story of DI-Business magazine focuses on the Vietnamese girl Do Thi Ngoc Tram, who now has access to clean drinking water. Choice Foundation, Butler’s Choice, NorgesGruppen and the local prawn factory have established safe drinking water, sink facilities and new proper toilets for the school’s 1,400 children. The school is located in Ca Mau in the south of Vietnam.


It mentions in the article The Confederation of Danish Industry’s photo exhibition at Women Deliver’s international conference on 16 and 19th May. The exhibition shows how Butler’s Choice and Choice Foundation and seven other Danish companies contribute to women’s and girls’ health, rights and living conditions. Stine Heilmann is the photographer behind the beautiful photos.

We are very grateful for the great publicity. This gives rise to a small flashback. Five years have passed since we started Choice Foundation. Thanks to the foundation’s partners and all other supporters, we have achieved the following:

  • Safe drinking water and proper toilets for 2,400 schoolchildren
  • Helped to establish a medical clinic for 7,000 people.
  • Secured schooling for 141 children
  • Built classrooms for a total of 100 children
  • Established a playroom for 15 children raised by two nannies
  • Purchased desks, chairs and computers for a local school