Susanne Siig Petersen is new member on board

April 17, 2015

Susanne Siig Petersen is now member of the board in Choice Foundation.
She holds a M. Sc. in International Business Communications and a BA in multimedia journalism. She wrote her master thesis on the Danish Defense Command adressing their special communicational culture and strategies.
On a daily basis she deals with communication, journalism and public affairs in both practical and strategic levels placing the agendas of CSR in the media. Susanne has been working as a journalist and communications advisor in both media and corporate relations. Among other positions, she was communications manager and press officer at the regional confederation of industry and chamber of commerce, Fynsk Erhverv, dealing with media relations, strategies and business events. As the rest of the board in Choice Foundation, Susanne Siig Petersen is a dedicated firefly and her mindset and perspective is international. Social responsibility and focused charity is at her greatest interest.

Welcome on board!